Motor Neurons And Dopamine Neurons

Motor neurons (Hb9-eGFP+, left) and dopamine neurons (Pitx3-eGFP+, right) generated from mouse embryonic stem cells. (Eva Hedlund)



Motor neuron diseases and frontotemporal dementia: Practical applications of human neuropathology and stem cell modeling, May 4-8, 2015

At the Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, in collaboration with Dept. of NVS and DBRM

Organizers: Eva Hedlund and Caroline Graff

In additional to practical laboratory classes in which you learn to generate motor neurons and interneurons from stem cells (lead by Eva Hedlund) and human neuropathology sessions (lead by Caroline Graff and neuropathologist Inger Nennesmo) the course includes lectures from high profile speakers with expertise in general neurodegenerative (ND) disease mechanisms, clinical diagnosis, genetics and disease modeling, from Sweden and around Europe, including:

Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi, Kings College, London - genetics in ALS and FTD
Dr Severine Boille, Salpetrier, Paris - microglia in neurodegenerative (ND) diseases
Dr Stefania Corti, University of Milano -  clinical presentation in motor neuron diseases
Dr Jonathan Gilthorpe, Umeå University - interneuronal disease spread in ND diseases
Prof Alain Prochiantz, College de France – homeodomain proteins & neuronal vulnerability
Dr Jonathan Rohrer, UCL, London – clinical biomarkers in ND diseases
Dr Rosario Sanchez-Pernaute, Inbiomed, San Sebastian – Parkinson’s Disease, reprogramming
Dr Ludo van den Bosch, VIB Leuven  - ND disease modeling in flies, fish and mice
Dr Rickard Sandberg, Karolinska Institutet  - RNA sequencing

Please contact the course organisers: Eva Hedlund ( or Caroline Graff ( to register or to receive more information.